How to Move to China

The short answer here is that I have no idea how to move to China, and I am just making it up. Long answer is that this is a little stressful, detailed, and tedious process that I seem to forget about every time I decide it is a good idea to leave good ol’ America for a significant amount of time. So I thought I would break it down step-by-step for those curious, and maybe remind myself that in four days all this planning will be wonderfully worth it.

1) Agree to live in a foreign country for a year with little to no time deliberating  or considering such opportunity. Just jump.

2) Do nothing for a few months because you are attempting to finish up college to get your English degree. Little sleep, and lots of coffee.

3) Book a one way ticket to China.

4) Tell everyone. I mean everyone. People care, or they are great at pretending to care.

5) Graduate, thus making you fully eligible for the job you’ve already accepted.

6) Download and stare at the Visa form for extended periods of time. Be intimidated by it. Forget about it. Fill it out, but then realize you don’t have a printer. Try and save it, open it to find it blank. Fill it out again and print it. Realize you misspelled your middle name. Fix, print, kiss for good luck, and send it off.

7) Meanwhile, move out of your lovely (though slightly dingy) Denver apartment, and back home with the parents.  Say goodbye to some truly wonderful people.

8) Realize that you left your peanut butter in the fridge, re-usable shopping bags in the cabinet, and probably more stuff. Sorry Old Roommate.

9 )Finally get diploma in the mail. Real, rather flimsy, proof that you graduated. The Chinese school that hired you will like a copy of this.

10) Pretend that you haven’t been freaking out for the past six months about this move.

11) Begin packing. More goodbyes.

12) Repack. Annoy future roommate with silly/mundane questions about customs lines and power outlets.

13) Watch TV to avoid re-repacking.

14) Blog about it.


See, not so difficult, right?  Easy as pie. (I’m gonna miss pie)

Later, Schmaud

PS There will be pictures on this blog as soon as I have something more exciting than drought covered Kansas or my half empty suitcase to photograph.


3 thoughts on “How to Move to China

  1. Dear Odri,
    I realized yesterday that I never talked to you about China. I am sorry for this, though I think so far you have done a good job preparing – or at least writing about it. :] Just a heads up though, I know there are some things you know you should bring in bulk, but I would like to add to that list deodorant and razors. As far as I saw, they don’t believe in deodorant and unless you want to use men’s razors for a year, I would recommend bringing a supply.
    Anyway, I’m super-duper excited for you and your adventures, and I’m also excited to internet-stalk you while you’re there. I hope you’re OK with that.

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