Greetings from China

And we’re back. After some, umm, technical difficulties, I am finally back online. Whew.

Let’s go back in time a bit shall we? I have officially been in China for five days, but I will rewind events for you a bit.

After a little bit of a flight hiccup that nearly gave me a heart attack, but turned out to be no issue at all, I safely arrived to my destination.

I woke up at four am. I know you know this, but jet lag really sucks.

Day One was rather good despite the fact that I spent most of the day going between incredibly overwhelmed and wishing that I was asleep. It was a good day, and I met a lot my fellow teachers, but man oh man was I tired.  I rode the bus, I took a taxi, I ordered food at a restaurant by pointing to a random picture, got a cell phone, ate pizza and promptly crashed at 11 pm only to wake up at four. FOUR  AM. I know.

I blame my bed, which really deserves its own post, but I will just say that sleeping on sheetrock is probably softer.

Day 2-4 were spent in a haze of jetlag and humidity. I napped like a newborn, and learned how to successfully unlock my front door. (Don’t tease, foreign locks are notoriously difficult.) I also learned that I am afraid of hailing a cab. Apparently that is something that I have to get over soon. Whatever. My roommates are all here. We have as cast of characters that I am sure I will better introduce you to later. Spoiler alert, one is Australian and the other is a crazy ginger.

Day 5 has been calm. I went into the city to find coffee (predictable, I know), and I kept getting stared at like I have something on my face. Then I remembered that it is simply my white, American face that is being stared at. They don’t seem to think my hair is real. It is, I promise.

I think that’s all the essentials. Right now all I know is that I am woefully unprepared for this year. Oi.

Let the shenanigans ensue,



5 thoughts on “Greetings from China

  1. Looking forward to reading your adventures! I remember when you were a tiny one with way curly hair that yes, I can see some people would think is not real…especially Asians! Big HUGS!!

  2. Hi, Audrey! Please know that you are missed, but in a “so happy you’re on a new adventure” kind of way. Best, Windy

  3. Wow! What a journey so far. Hope you have a great time in China! The 8 hours my family was on the plane to Hawaii was almost more than I could endure being my first flight. Can’t wait to hear more of the continuing saga!

  4. Your posts are heartwarming. Partly because I just got back and know exactly what you’re talking about, but heartwarming nonetheless. Especially the parts about the locks, hailing cabs, and being stared at (which you’ll get more-or-less used to, I promise). Anyway, I’m excited to blog-stalk you and I hope your trip goes wonderfully and that everything goes well for you!

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