Teacher, I am Okay

I just finished up my fourth week of teaching.

That’s right, I now have one whole entire month of teaching experience. Put that on the resume. I know you are impressed. Let’s see how I have grown as a person.

1. I have now gotten used to my 6 10 wake up. Well, nearly used to it. There is still some snooze action going on until about 6 25 (and then a bunch of scurrying about the apartment trying to make it to the bus stop by 6 50).

2. I taught all week with a cold. Not properly taking care of yourself for the sake of your work is very grown up isn’t it?

3. I can now read enough Chinese to order food that is neither beef nor pork. Everything else in up in the air. Is it rice or noodles or soup or veggies? I don’t know, but I do know that it has no meat in it. Chalk one up for team Schmaud.

4. I ate a few moon cakes. It is a traditional food for the Mid-Autumn festival that is going on right now. These moon cakes can be different fruit or nut flavors, but traditionally have a cooked egg yolk just sitting in the middle. Its this super sweet but overall delicious dessert with an egg yolk. Don’t tell anyone, but I take out the egg yolk.

5. I have a Chinese name. It is nonsensical transliteration of my name. Ow-dah-Li. It is what they call the great Ms. Hepburn, and a few of my students at the middle school started calling me that too.

6. I spend a large amount of time with small children. You will be pleased to know that they no longer frighten me. I have one class of first graders that has been…interesting. I’m clueless with them, but after a month I think we may have come to an understanding. We sing, we do actions to the songs, we eat candy and draw stars. My favorite thing these kids do is tell me “Teacher, I am okay.” They say it after they are done with an assignment. I don’t know if you remember, but an assignment in first grade is writing a word down correctly (remember they are six and this is their second language). They drop their pencil, point to the page, and shout out to me from across the room “teacher I am okay” as a way of telling me they are done. Maybe I have lost my mind a little, but I find it hilarious. As if they are saying that they were not okay before they were able to write the word flower. Ha, cracks me up.

This list is getting too long. I am officially on vacation for the next 8 days thanks to the aforementioned Mid-Autumn festival. Think 4th of July but with cake and a very specific dice game that I don’t really understand, but I did win a jar of peanut butter when I played it. This was the grand prize, but I am still a little fuzzy as to why exactly I won, but whatever. It’s peanut butter.

Now I am going to begin my vacation with a well deserved nap.

Thanks for reading, Schmaud.


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