The Microphone

Don’t tell my boss, but my Middle school gave me the day off, so I thought I would blog again with all this free time I have. Now I have a question. What do Brittany, all the members of any 90’s boy band, Christina, and I have in common? You guessed it.     The […]


I got a new roommate. Did I forget to mention that? Oops. The Aussie moved to another apartment that is much closer to her teaching job, and so the Redhead and I got a new roomie. She’s from Kazakhstan, though she lived in America for a long time, and was smart enough to bring a […]

Two Months

Folks, I have been here for two months. Is that long enough for celebration? Maybe not a “Happy For You, You’ve Been in China Two Months” special curry dinner with homemade naan (something I am cravin’) or anything, but maybe I can get a high five? Fist bump? The two months have been long, and […]