A Glove, Some Fish, and a Voiceless Teacher

This’ll be random, so hold on to your hats.

So, I ordered a sandwich at a local cafe. I wanted bread and vegetables that hadn’t been sauteed to death in a bath of oil. Call me crazy, I was having an American moment, pardon me.

Now, the sandwich was fine, veggie-filled and had not two, but three slices of bread. The server brought the plate to my table and set it in front of me. Then he promptly handed me a plastic glove. Like one of those that people at Subway wear while they are making your sandwich. But, you see, my sandwich had already been made and yet here I was with a glove.

Turns out, its considered pretty gross here when one touches one’s food. I had observed such things with people eating food on the street, and cradling their food carefully in its wrapper. I simply assumed that people were terrified of crumbs. And then, there I was with a single glove and a sandwich. Why only one glove, I don’t know, but I ate my food MJ style, and enjoyed it immensely. Just thought I would share that one for you.

Also on a completely unrelated note, there is a fish tank in our apartment that belongs to the landlord. He promised to take care of it, but has yet to be here cleaning the tank or anything. This happens to be a large, bubbling fish tank that once held seven fish. Notice the past tense because five have died in the past six weeks, and my roommates have fished (pun intended) their dead floating fish bodies out of the tank. FIVE. What? The only two remaining are these huge black and orange fish that are so ugly I can’t look at them for too long. They seem to be struggling themselves, and it is only a matter of time until they bite the dust too. We don’t even really know why they are even in our apartment in the first place, but I can promise that this fish situation is a unique one. Like the seven flights of stairs that I climbed four times today, the dying fish are just a hurdle that I must overcome in my own personal journey that is my life in China. Plenty of people I know have elevators and dead-fish-free apartments.

And finally, I must inform you that I am losing my voice again. As a teacher getting paid to assist students in the speaking of English, this is becoming quite problematic. I was whispering by the end of the day, and I plan on not really speaking at all on my days off this weekend. Hopefully I’m audible by Monday, and hopefully I can actually keep my mouth shut long enough to get some healing action up in my vocal cords.

Well, so, that’s all,





One thought on “A Glove, Some Fish, and a Voiceless Teacher

  1. Audrey! Hi! I’m now officially caught up on how your Chinese adventures are unraveling. I hope you are doing well and that you manage to get your tonsils under control. Take a picture of your roomies Ow-dah-Li. Take care!

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