Two Months

Folks, I have been here for two months.

Is that long enough for celebration? Maybe not a “Happy For You, You’ve Been in China Two Months” special curry dinner with homemade naan (something I am cravin’) or anything, but maybe I can get a high five? Fist bump?

The two months have been long, and the two months have also been short. It can happen, I promise.

I am more confident with teaching, and I feel like I could climb stairs for days. I still can’t cook (nor do I even like it)but eat fantastic food daily, and I still don’t like my bed. The pig on  my closet door and I have come to an understanding, and most of the time I forget about her, though the pink still irks me a bit. I get so much reading done on the bus that commuting to school doesn’t bother me, and I there are still two fish alive in the fish tank. I have yet to get terribly lost, and I can even tell other people which buses to take. Also, I am basically a chopsticks champ. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Therefore, I’m counting these two months successful.

BUT, I am still quite terrible at Chinese. I know about 23 words. This does not get one too far in the grand scheme of trying to find sugar in the never ending and always confusing aisles of the grocery store. I still could very well get lost any day now, and I am just waiting for it to happen because I still don’t know the name of my bus stop.

For everything I get right or begin to understand about this place, there are eight more things that I do wrong in a single day. But I think is just growing up and learning, and I would feel like I am tripping through life whichever country I lived in. (Grown-ups, don’t tell me if this isn’t true because I am telling myself this to make me feel better. So shhhhh.)

So two months down, nine to go.  I don’t know if this city will start making more sense or ever really feel like home, but I’m here and I am living like it does.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Fist Bump to you. Boy are you living life to the fullest. I can’t even imagine me doing what you are doing. You were my insperation in Ireland to get on the busses and travel around to see the sites. I don’t ride busses here because they are not friendly to people that don’t know the rules. You are such an insperation to me I wish I had followed my wishes and done half the stuff you have. Keep the post comming I am living vicariously through you.

  2. Go Schmaudrey!! China is amazing. David and I had such a good time on our trip. I totally want to come again and figure out a way to visit you. I’ve posted about our visit on my blog if you want to take a look. I still have more to post, including pictures. I’m working on that today. HUGS!!

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