I got a new roommate. Did I forget to mention that? Oops.

The Aussie moved to another apartment that is much closer to her teaching job, and so the Redhead and I got a new roomie. She’s from Kazakhstan, though she lived in America for a long time, and was smart enough to bring a French Press with her to China (some of us were not that prepared). She’s fabulous, studying Chinese at the University, and speaks Russian. What? Its been a lot of fun so far, and I will keep you updated. We had a very one sided conversation in Russian the other day, which mainly consisted of her talking, me remaining silent and then trying to answer her in German (a language I can say I was confident that I had forgotten), and then mumbling something in Russian with my terrible accent.

In other news, The Redhead’s parents are here visiting from America, and they literally brought suitcases full of treats. There is a whole bag full of brownie mix, and I am so happy. I have wanted brownies everyday since I got here (that could be because I want brownies everyday, and I just so happen to be spending those days here where brownies are not available). Nonetheless, there are delicious desserts in my future.

I have been on a pendulum of emotion these past few days, simultaneously loving it and hating it here, and I have to say that October has gone on forever. Today is not so bad. Yesterday was terrible and I almost cried because I thought I lost my flash drive (though it is quite fancy and has all of my lesson plans on it and any back up ideas if my current lesson fails), then I got the blue screen of death on my fairly new laptop, then my internet stopped working for a while, and then Chrome crashed on me ( I don’t know what I was thinking, I am a firefox girl at heart), then my nook froze, and I felt cut off from everything comfortable and restful and simple. It is an extreme reaction to something so mundane. I mean technological glitches happens in America too, but it was such a big deal to me yesterday. I resorted to pen and paper, and gathered all of my thoughts in scribbled black ink, and I think I am homesick.

According to all of the other ex-pats I have talked to, I am progressing quite normally on the timeline of moving to a foreign country and not understanding what the hell is going on. So fret not, I merely need time. (Though I must say that I am even getting a little impatient.)

Sorry, no funny stories for you today, nor humorous cultural observations. This place makes no sense to me, and I make so sense to this place. We’ll come to an understanding soon.

Thanks for reading, Schmaud.




4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Technology makes you feel connected, so it makes sense that when it crashes you’d feel just like you do! I bet the smell of brownies baking will make things all better. China is so sadly lacking in anything yummy for dessert. Perhaps you’ll be able to teach them how to make some delicious American treats as a lesson one day? Keep your chin up!!

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