The Microphone

Don’t tell my boss, but my Middle school gave me the day off, so I thought I would blog again with all this free time I have.

Now I have a question. What do Brittany, all the members of any 90’s boy band, Christina, and I have in common?

You guessed it.



The microphone headset. Because of my voice issues, and the fact that I talk for about six hours a day, I got a microphone (dance moves not included). At PSD (Primary School of Doom, for those of you not in the know on my obscure acronyms), the students do not stop talking ever. EVER, and therefore this device proves quite helpful when there are thirty shouting first graders in the room.

I have not allowed myself to look in a mirror while wearing it, so I have no idea what I look like (sorry neither will you), but there have been several references to creepy televangelists, pop singers, and infomercial salesmen.

Have a good day, Schmaud


One thought on “The Microphone

  1. That’s great now your dad and you are more alike then I thought. The only differance is your dad can be turned off anytime by another person. You have full control of yours.

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