Testing, one, two, three.

Soooooo, sorry for the long time no write, but the internet here was…ahem…”broken” for a while. I am trying a wormy way around it just to see if it will at least let me post. If so, I will attempt a real post later this weekend with an actual update.

Here goes nothing.

I am supposed to be studying my Chinese right now, but vocabulary is so incredibly limited that I am very bored with my current assignment. So of course I headed on over to procrastination station (aka the interwebs) in hopes of reconnecting myself to the blogosphere.

I will leave you with a few of my sentences:

zhe shi shenma? What is this?
zhe shi wo de bi- This is my pencil.
zhe shi bu wo de bi- This is not my pencil.
zhe shi ta de shu- This is her book.

Impressive right? It is all very helpful when on the bus and trying to figure out how to say “please get out of my way I need to get off the bus and you are in my way”.

I will leave you with a little story. Yesterday one of my students would not stop talking to me in Chinese. I understand enough to know pretty much what he was trying to tell me, but I am also his English teacher so I kindly asked him to repeat himself in English. He kept on with Chinese, so I started speaking to him in the broken terrible Russian that I remember. Oh my goodness, the look of confusion on his face as he stared at my mouth knowing that I was speaking, but he could not understand a word I was saying. I told him that is how I feel everyday. We both agreed to speak English, and the rest of the lesson went swimmingly.

Have a great Friday. I hope you survive Black Friday.


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