New Year

Okay, so I had no idea that it had been a month since I wrote a post. So sorry. Things have been kind of crazy here because this week is the last week of the semester. That’s right you western school children, you heard me, the Chinese semester goes from the beginning of September to the end of January. You have already had your finals and winter break and now you are itching to get back to the routine, and I am STILL teaching. For four more days at least. 

So, I am a little grumpy. Sorry. 

In other news. I have been sick for three days. I vomited on Saturday, but don’t you worry I made it to the toilet. I taught that morning with a fever, came home, crashed, watched three movies, threw up, watched more TV. I don’t really remember Sunday, and then today I have made my couch my home, and I have been watching season five of Gilmore Girls all day. Nothing brings this sick girl comfort like snarky dialogue and pretty people saying it. I have decided that I need a real life situation in which I can say “But not as cute as Pushkin.” (And thank goodness for the three people on the planet that got any part of that reference.)

And now, I was going to tell you a funny yet horrifying story about a rat, but I will save it for next time because right now I feel like we need to have a little honesty between us. 

I have had several of you (38) regular readers ask me “How are you really doing?” as if my blog does no supply you with that information. I realize that it does not, and upon further reflection I have decided that maybe it should. 

I wanted this to be funny stories and silly little anecdotes about life abroad. But my day to day is not always funny, light-hearted, sorry-I-don’t-speak-Chinese, silly moments. 

I know I am young, but this has been the hardest thing I have ever done.  Here’s why.

1. I think I have made it no small secret that I don’t like teaching. 

2. I am finding more and more that I also don’t really like being here either. 

So, a girl doesn’t like her job or where she lives, I think she can become a little upset. 

I am fighting through that right now, and I am attempting not to be miserable or annoying about it because I have six more months of life here. But that is how I am really doing. honestly. 

 Sorry I’m such a downer, 



5 thoughts on “New Year

  1. The good news is that you can count down your days until it’s over. Second bit of good news is that you now know, without doubt, that you are not being called to stay in China, nor does it seem that you are called to teach small good children. Aren’t you glad you know that now!?

    Totally understand the feeling of not liking where you are at the moment. Not too many of us are enjoying South Dakota much at all. In fact, crying fits are not unusual for the grown-ups or the adults! So, we feel you pain and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!


  2. I was thinking the same thing – let the countdown begin! Hang in there, Audrey. You have lots of people praying for you. Enjoy the little things and make the most of your time there. Love you!

  3. Glad to know you can keep it real with us and I am not the only one that felt there was more to the story. You have some very GREAT friends that are always with you. They will always be there when you need them and will help you through this experience. I truly feel that you have a reason for being there at such a young age and in the future you will look back on this and say now I understand why I did that. You are one of the strongest young women I know. There are few that would even think of doing what you are doing. I am very proud to know you and wish you the most of your experience there. Stay strong and know we are praying for you .

  4. Audrey, I’m glad to hear your honesty. I want you to know that you are in my prayers. Honesty is a good thing and I hope you find more ways to get the real stuff out. I hope you have people there or in the interwebs that you can talk to, but always know I’m here if you need a listening ear, or eyes I guess, if you’re typing:) praying peace and relief for you.


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