Five Months, the Rat, and having a rest

I am excellent at keeping track of exactly how long I have been in China, and I am proud to say that I have been here for five months. Six left folks. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your encouraging and wonderful messages. They helped, I promise. 

Now, onto that charming story that I promised you. It involves a rat. Are you ready?

So in my (mis)adventures here in China, I have seen my fair share of rats running down the street, sneaking into piles of trash, and I have not reacted well. If my friends see one, they quickly tell me not to turn around, and then I can’t concentrate on much else because I know it is back there crawling around. They are small and squirmy and diseased and you never know exactly where they are sneaking off too. I think we can all agree that rats are gross. 

So, I am climbing my 107 stairs, and I am on the fifth floor. Now when you climb that many stairs several times a day, it becomes so boring that you zone out. I was doing just this when I heard small clicking sounds. I looked up at the top of the stairs to see a rat, who didn’t have any rat friends because he had eaten them all, freeze at the same time it saw me. Then it scurried around in a few circles, and went back down a few stairs. But I really had to pee, and I needed to get past this rat. I went back up, and so it went up a few stairs as well, but then I decided that I didn’t want it going towards my apartment, so I backed up again, hoping to lure it down. We both froze again, and I tried to figure out its next move. I moved up a few more stairs, and it went and hid behind a pipe. It heard me still going up the stairs, and it panicked. This fat rat ran right in front of my feet, its nasty worm tail swishing back and forth close enough to touch my shoe. It ran down and I ran up, passing each other on the stairs, and I am not sure which of us was more terrified. I slammed shut the door to my apartment, and quickly relayed the story to my roommates. They laughed, but I saw their eyes scan to the corners of the apartment.  There’s been no other rat sightings in the building (probably because that rat ate all of the available food), but I know you are relieved to hear that I sure scared that one off. 

In completely unrelated news. I am finally on break. I have a few weeks off in which I plan on relaxing, reading, and not even thinking about lesson plans or small children. Hopefully I can just rest, or , as all of the teachers at the middle school always tell me “have a a rest.”

Thanks for reading,



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