Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong.

It’s a little Asia-lands.

It”s a little British.

(It’s a lot expensive.)

I spent five-ish days wandering around the city with a few of my fellow teachers, and we each decided for our own reasons that it was a wonderful city.

Here is a list, in no specific order, as to why it was such a delightful time. My first official vacation as a working adult (said a-dult), and now I think I get what all the hullabalu is about. Vacations are great.

1.I was repeatedly reminded to “mind the gap” and “please alight to the right” and was skirted around by tall bald business men hurrying by while using their various technological devices. I just love cities.

2.I played guess the accent because there were so many.

3.I ate falafel.

4.I ate veggie korma.

5.I spoke a lot of English because they spoke English too.

6.I rode the MTR (the subway of HK). It’s fast, no stoplights or traffic, and lots of readable maps.

7. The view. I swear the entire city is set up to have a great view. Everywhere. I was so distracted looking that I seem to have forgotten to take many pictures…sorry.

8. Queues.

9. I bought almond milk. I bought amazing imported chocolate. I bought amazing imported coffee. All of these were purchased at a fancy smancy (and oh so British that it hurt) import market that made me want to jump up and down in the aisle every time I saw some food I hadn’t had for six months. I did a fist pump (ala Breakfast Club) when I found Almond Milk. There may have been dancing as well. It was a huge victory.

10. It reminded me that there are so many more places I need to see and go and travel and do and think about and fall in love with and learn to live with and reconsider. I did a lot a thinking there, and I remembered that there is so much more left for me to do.



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong

  1. Glad you were able to experience Hong Kong. We always enjoyed being there. Flying in to their airport is exciting.
    Don Wideman

  2. So glad you finally got to get away. I know how desperately you’ve needed this. Will pray this next semester goes quickly – and better. Love you and miss you!

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