So, let’s be honest. I forgot I had a blog. 

Straight up slipped my mind that I was updating my friends and family (and one random reader from Japan) in blog format. Whoops.

Its been a while, but we can catch up, I promise. It will be like I have been jabbering in your ear this whole time.  

So let’s play a game. I will tell you two true things and one lie, and you have to guess which one didn’t happen. I play this with my students all the time, and it is a hoot. Let’s begin. 

1. A gentleman tried to hand me a turtle. I was walking down the street from apartment towards the bus stop (80% of my life is spent walking to or from the bus stop), when a fine gentleman approached me holding a rather large turtle by its back left leg. He held it towards me and smiled as if I was supposed to take it from him. I mumbled “bu yao” because that is what you say to people trying to sell you something on the street, but I wasn’t sure if it applied to turtles being handed off so casually. I managed to get to the bus sans a turtle, but the guy followed me down the road trying to give it to every other person he passed. 

2. I caught a student passing a note, and it was about me. In my younger class full of 6-7 year olds all losing teeth and drawing pictures of flowers with faces, I have a few girls that constantly pass notes to each other. Usually in Chinese, and I always catch them. Normally i just throw them away, but this particular note was too funny not to take it home. It had scribbled Chinese on the top and then a very simplistic drawing of a set of hooters. Yup, my 7-year-old student drew boobs on a note. I didn’t really know what to do, so I stuffed it in my pocket. My friend translated it for me, and after she picked herself up off the floor from laughed so hard, she informed me it said “teacher has big insert picture of boobs“. Well, that’s awkward. 

3. One of my students knows all of the words to “You Raise Me Up”. And i make him sing it to me whenever he had been bad. He is in my after school program, and I have about 8 kinds instead of the usual 30, so I know him pretty well. One day he was singing it to himself, and I laughed so hard at the fact that he knew that song. He is also a problem student, so he had to sit out a lot and sometimes if he wants to play a game and “be good” again, I have him sing the song and then he can play Simon Says. 

I will give you time to think. 

You figured it out yet?

1 and 2 are true and 3 is horribly made up. He does know that song, and he does sing it, but I don’t make him belt it out to me as a form of punishment. That’s just mean.

Things are  beautiful here, and the semester is going alright. I only have 3 1/2 months left teaching and then a month of summer school. It seems a lot more manageable thinking about it that way. I have been told that I seem happier on this side of things. So its not perfect,but it is better, and I can work with that.  

Thanks for reading, Schmaud 


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  1. Yes, life is full of new experiences. Sounds like you are handling them well. We send our love. Don and Marian

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