The Ceiling Saga

So, one day in January I am trying to sleep on my oh so comfortable bed (note the sarcasm) when I suddenly feel a large drop of water land on my leg. It happens two or three more times before I realize that it is coming from my ceiling. It is the rainy season, and rain is coming in to my room. 

I get a bucket, put it on my bed and try to go back to sleep, but, irony of irony, it is like trying to sleep through Chinese water torture. DRIP DRIP DRIP….DRIP DRIP. So I sleep on the couch, call my landlord the next day, and hope that my room is not flooded while I am at school. 

I come home to find bits of the ceiling on my bed, but no other damage. The landlord comes  over to investigate, and he shakes his head at the giant moldy circle on my ceiling, and tells me that he will take care of it. This, of course, is all communicated through our translator whom he calls the second he walks in the door and then we trade the phone back and forth. Its silly.

TWO MONTHS LATER he visits again only to tell me that they will have to wait to fix it until it is dry. It isn’t dry because, you know, its the rainy season. 

Another month goes by, and I no longer have to sleep with a bucket on my bed because they have fixed the leak on the roof, but have yet to do anything about the moldy hole that I am quite sure will cave in at any second. My light in my room went out, and then the light cover fell on my while I was napping. This was all probably for the best because the leak was coming from the hole for the light. Good times. 

Finally this morning, my landlord shows up with a handy man and a bucket of paint. Joy of joys. He scrapes off the bits that are about to fall off anyway and then spend the next hour painting my ceiling. Hao. So the mold is just covered up for now, doomed to come back. 

Oh, and he smoked pretty much the whole time. But its okay because the balcony door was open. 

I have been grumpy about my broken ceiling for a while now, So I stopped watering the landlord’s plants in protest.  

Now I have to find something else to be grumpy about.

Thanks for reading, 



2 thoughts on “The Ceiling Saga

  1. So let us look at what we have learned here. First if we complain about the bed we are taught that the couch is just as bad. If we complain about the water leaking in we are taught that you can live with it longer than you think. The more we complain the longer it takes until which time we except it and learn to live with it. Then we learned that what is important to us isn’t as important to another. Mold is mold and no matter what we have been taught about it in china it can be painted. So with all this knowledge we have been taught how are we going to apply i it to the next set of problems that arrise. We will probably not let them get to us quit as bad and deal with them with less contempt. So we become stronger and and better people.

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