Rainy Season Brings Out the Bugs

We don’t have Spring time here in this part of China or really seasons at all. We have hot, humid and rainy. And it is the time of year in which all three have come out to play. Its a delight. I find myself with sweat dripping down my nose as I teach the kids about prepositions, and they ask me if I am okay because I look like a wet cocker spaniel instead of a respectable teacher.

The curly hair has gone into a permanent braid, I double time the deodorant, and just sweat out every ounce of water I drink throughout the day. 

Let’s just say I was not made for this climate. 

On the upside, however, are the constant thunderstorms. Reminds me of home. 

Another down side are the bugs. They, turns out, don’t like the rain much. So they come on inside. And then the small children I teach don’t like the bugs much.

In fact, just this Monday, I had five children screaming at the top of their lungs because a few (massive) bugs had found their way inside of our classroom. It was around seven pm and we had the windows open because otherwise we would have suffocated from the humidity. The lights in the classroom attracted a certain kind of bug that were smart enough to fly directly into the light, but big enough that it only seemed to injure them. 

Then the kids noticed these poor bugs flying aimlessly around the room with semi melted wings, and screamed bloody murder right into my ears. Then they ran into the corner of the room, each protecting themselves with the stools on which they had been sitting. It was hilarious. It was as if I was watching the children’s version of Shaun of the Dead, which would of course have only Kpop on its soundtrack.

The kids continued screaming until I beat the insect to death with the children’s book we were supposed to be reading. Then they laughed and sat back down only for yet another bug to fly in and ruin our time. Rinse and repeat four times. FOUR TIMES.  

We found a snail at the middle school. There was a spider the size of something way to big to be a spider in my room. Then there was the cockroach that fell on my bed. I don’t want to talk about it. 

So many new experiences, so little time. 

Thanks for reading, 


PS I will leave you with a delightful view that reminds me that I have it pretty alright.Image


2 thoughts on “Rainy Season Brings Out the Bugs

  1. Iiik….there is no way to like bugs, unless they are dead. So, good job on killing them. I bet your students think you are not only a smart teacher, but a brave one too! 🙂 I think you might be gathering lots of ideas for a book you’ll write someday.

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