Moving On

Okay. I have been back in the states for a week now, and I just want to thank everyone for your support and prayers and thoughts and whatnot that truly helped me get home from China safely.

The flight, with a stop-over in the fine country of Qatar (five bucks if you can find it on a map), went just fine, and I was home safe and sound last Monday night.

I have been fighting jetlag and a cold/allergies all week.I keep accidentally taking three hour naps instead of doing anything productive, and I have a lot to do because things are about to change…again.

I will no longer be abroad, but don’t you worry, I will keep blogging right here.

Boston Breakdown

I will be in Boston for the next year (August 2013-August 2014), working with the Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV) through the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), and boy do they like their acronyms.

I will specifically be working in areas of Food Justice at Women’s Lunch Place.  At this point, I am not entirely sure what my responsibilities will be beyond working with women and finding good food, and I can update you fine folks once I learn these facts.  Until then I just want you to know that I will be in Boston, and the rest is dandy and mysterious. Isn’t that the best way to live life?

To do this program I have to raise $3000 for the year. (This is where I ask you for money.) If you think this any sort of thing that you would like to support, just let me know. If you want to pray for me or encourage me, that would be great too.

Make the checks out to the Presbytery of Boston and Send checks to:
BFJYAV Program c/o Maggie Holmesheoran
Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church
155 Power House BLVD
Somerville MA 02144

Please put my name and BFJYAV in the memo line!

Here is a video to give you more of an idea of where I will be working. I think good things are ahead.

Thanks for reading,



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