To Do List

I leave for my year in Boston in FIVE DAYS!

Here is my To Do List before those five days are up. 

1. Laundry
2. Pack
3. Repack because nothing fits right the first time.
4. Bake a pie
5. Go to my sister’s wedding where said pie will be eaten at the reception
6. Talk about China to my fabulous church twelve hours before I get on a plane for the east coast. 
7. Panic
8. Ask people to help fund my year in Boston.
9. Ask other people, and their friends because I need $3000 by September 1st. 
10. Read the required books for my year in Boston.
11. Drink all the coffee because none of this is getting done if I waste time sleeping
12. Say thank you to all the people who help me do all of these amazing things.

BUT, you heard me. I was given the goal by the Boston Food Justice Program to have all my money in (or pledged) by September 1st. I know it is fast, but if you were considering helping me out with this amazing opportunity, please do. Here is all the information again. 

Please make out checks to Presbytery of Boston with BFJYAV Program and my name (Audrey Holt) in the memo line, and then send them to:

BFJYAV Program c/o Maggie Holmesheoran
Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church 
155 Power House BLVD
Somerville MA 02144

Thanks again, Boston here I come.


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