10 Things I have done since leaving Kansas

10. Ridden in a van with a driver from Jersey who almost drove away from the airport with the back door still wide open.  Twelve people and all their stuff for a year almost tumbled out to the roads of Newark Airport. Not to be out done, about 30 miles later,  he backed out of an exit ramp. We were halfway up when he realized it was the wrong one, so he just put it in reverse.

9. Ate Kale, lots of kale. Orientation was at a nice conference center in New York. They had their own gardens, fed us from these gardens, and this included kale and cucumbers and lettuce and colorful tomatoes and green beans. 

8. Met 70 people all doing what I am doing in other places around the world. My facebook friends have increased quite nicely after my week in New York with like minded and a little crazy young adults all serving for a year. 

7. Heard “You’re not in Kansas anymore” fifty billion times. 

6. Walked and biked around half of Boston with my incredibly active and very enthusiastic Site Coordinator. We four YAVS (Young Adult Volunteers) followed her around Harvard and MIT and Cambridge and the Commons and food trucks and the FREEDOM TRAIL and to the top of a tower with 294 steps and downtown and to a concert on the river. All in one day. Oi. 

5. Saw a lot of famous dead people’s homes or graves, which ever was closer. Emerson, Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Hawthorne, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Ezra Diggle son of Ezra Diggle. 

4. Saw a Lighthouse in real life for the first time. It was on top of a very big hill, looking down on the Hudson River. It was very cool. (Disclaimer: we don’t have lighthouses in KS or CO, and I have no memory of ever making a big deal out of seeing one ever before in my lifetime. I did not say that I did not know or understand the concept of a lighthouse.)

3. Saw my apartment, the neighborhood, the sites around, but have not yet been allowed to move in. I and my housemates will get the privilege of moving into our new home the same weekend as 125,000 other people because the 60 some colleges found in Boston all begin classes this week. 

2. Picked my own fruit and learned how to can it for preservation. Its a hot and precise art that allows for such pleasures as raspberry jam. We are pretty excited about the jam. 

1. Learned that, as a part of the Food Justice aspect of my year of service, I will be eating local for the next five months. LOCAL. No food grown outside the north east. (Except ETHICALLY produced coffee, rice and nuts). This will be a fascinating challenge and I am taking you all with me. 

Next up, work starts on Tuesday, Vermont this weekend, Maine next month, and a very excited Audrey. 

Thanks for reading, 




6 thoughts on “10 Things I have done since leaving Kansas

  1. I’m glad y’all made it and it sounds like you’re having a fun (if exhausting) time so far! I am really excited to hear about your eating local adventures!

  2. Since you left Kansas I:
    1. Became a real teacher with real students and real IEPs I have to write.
    2. Lost 7lbs due to said new job
    3. Have 3 big bruises from said real students
    4. Cried in my supervisors office twice
    5. Taken my dog to doggie daycare twice a week…yeah I am that dogmom
    6. Woke up by 8 every single day
    7. Painted my room to relax
    8. Cooked homemade biscuits and gravy like daddy used too
    9. Did yard work for the first time in my life…and it was terrible
    10. Watched a day-long marathon of One Tree Hill and missed my kid sister who never lives near me.

    I like kale and want to see a lighthouse and see some graves. Lets make it happen.

    Oh yeah and butter pecan is my favorite ice cream now.. I am such a grown up.

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