Tomato Guts Are Everywhere

We’re learning to cook. We are learning to cook everything. When I say we, I mean myself and my three other roommates. As mostly recent college kids with very little foodie experience beyond rice, pasta, veggies and ordering pizza, this is a big deal. 

Today we made spaghetti sauce. Tomatoes all over. We made bread too, much simpler.

Tuesday we cooked a whole chicken, and one of my roommates got very well acquainted with the innards of said chicken. 

Thursday we made chicken stock from the chicken we devoured earlier in the week. Main ingredient: chicken carcass. 

Everyday we cut up lots and lots of vegetables, and try and figure out how they can become more interesting. Solution: butter.

I made some lentil patties. They were fancy french lentil patties. I don’t know why. 

Last week we made raspberry jam. We canned it, yeah I know, and then gathered around the pot each armed with a spoon because we could not waste any of our delicious jam.

We picked the raspberries at a local orchard. I may have sneaked a few for a snack. 

We have made Kale Chips twice. It is my preferred method of eating the never ending supply of leafy green that is Kale. There’s always Kale. 

I work in food prep at the kitchen at Women’s Lunch Place. I chopped carrots for two hours, then moved onto pears, chives, onions, and celery. I have a blister on my palm from all the chopping, and the head chef was so excited he gave me a high five and told me to show off my “kitchen wound”. My dedication to chopping was rewarded with a cookie that had a brownie on the inside. I did not help make these genius cookies (my two favorite desserts in one) , but I sure did enjoy eating it. 

And here is our weekly batch of fresh and local ingredients



4 thoughts on “Tomato Guts Are Everywhere

  1. Can I come over for dinner? I had kale salad this week. I did not know raw kale can taste that heavenly… You guys should post recipes!!!

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