An Education


When my parents got married, they honeymooned in Boston in the fall. I was eight, and I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. We had trees in Kansas, and just like in New England, they change colors and fall.

I have now found the difference is that New England is a bit showy about it. They have more trees that turn more colors, and there is even an tour industry built around “leaf peepers” making their way north for the view of rolling hills and picturesque barns with a pond gleaming in the afternoon sun. 

See, showy. 

But I am learning to appreciate New England for more than its landscapes. There are many things for me to learn about this part of the good ol’ US of A,  and I feel I might as well give you a few priceless nuggets of knowledge I have since gained in my six weeks in Boston. 

  • A water fountain is called a bubbler ( hear: bubblah).
  • There aren’t many street signs. There aren’t many straight streets. They aren’t many streets that keep the same name. Good Luck.  
  • Bowling is with three tiny balls and pins that are so skinny you are designed to fail.

See, practically native. 

There’s plenty more pertaining to my work that I am learning as well.  

Beyond becoming a better pioneer 150 years too late by making my own applesauce or understanding the ins and out of composting, I am becoming educated on agribusiness, food stamps, factory farms, non-profit land, GMOs, food deserts, biodiversity, urban farming, sustainable farming, vermiculture, and food in/security. And there is so much more for me to find out. 




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