Saving the World

Here’s the deal.

I am learning that this eating local thing, well, a lot of people have done it.

There are books, documentaries, blogs, how-to pamphlets, on the best way to eat food from your neck of the woods.

This is not new territory I have entered here, and thankfully I have had a lot of help. It’s like a great cloud of locavor-ians stepping out in front of me to show me the ways of canning, freezing, and apple sauce making. (No but seriously, never buying apple sauce again.)

The education started with Barbara Kingsolver, of course, and then a series of bloggers turned book writers doing local only challenges, some contemplative pastors (who all profusely quote Wendell Berry), and yesterday No Impact Man was added to the mix.

This documentary came out a while ago, and I distinctly remember a sound bite airing on the news about how upset he was by items that are individually wrapped in plastic. I thought, okay crazy kid, you have fun with that.

Then I became a crazy kid too. Eating local, living simply, biking to the grocery store, obsessively researching better composting practices, reducing trash to one medium bag a week between four people, hauling bulk items of food on public transportation, geeking out over unique vegetables in the CSA, and sorting fifty pounds of potatoes by size for the winter.

Now, I am going to say this, and I really don’t want you to hate me, BUT this doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

I am three months into this adventure, and I totally drank the Kool-aid.

Because its not about uprooting your life and making yourself totally uncomfortable for the sake of the environment/food system/small farmer/saving the world.  Its doing what you can with what you have where you are, and being aware of the fact that your choices affect the environment/food system/small farmer/saving the world. 

With eating locally, we are trying out the extremes just to see what can actually stick in a life full of the other stuff of living.  

Because though I may be getting tips from Barbara, the kind women at church, books on making everything at home, and youtube videos on freezing chard, I am really learning from them the simple art of living better.

Allowing room for the tiny changes in my life to fill me up with weird joy.

Being so happy at the site of a tomato in November, being thrilled when someone else makes me dinner, being engaged with the rhythms of the seasons, and knowing that eating local for six months is not going to save the world.

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