Living Simply?

So, there was a time back in July when I had just gotten back from China, I was home alone, and I also happened to be very sick. 

I woke up from a Benadryl induced coma to find the television still on and a fine program entitled Extreme Cheapskates playing dully in the background. 

The premise of the show is that people are too cheap to pay for pretty much anything, so they…don’t. One gentleman reused tissues, another didn’t repair anything in his house, and one woman used a lantern instead of turning on the lights. And none of them bought toilet paper. All were very proud of the fact that they spent very little on their monthly expenses.

My question upon viewing this quality television: what’s the point?

I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about this because I was way more interested in sleeping, but then I moved to Boston and have been thinking about this type of stuff a lot. 

A part of the program is “Living Simply” and we are currently trying to figure out what that means for our lives here. 

And sometimes when I am explaining what we do and how we live, I feel like the people on the show. We do weird, somewhat ridiculous stuff too, and sometimes when I look at the thermostat (set at 60) or wash a Ziplock bag for the ninth time, I think “What’s the point?”

I have a series of questions I ask myself quite a bit, because sometimes I have to stop and make sure that it is all worth it. 

1.Are we living simply or just cheaply?
2. Is there a difference? 
3.What is the difference?  
4.Do I care? 
5.Do other people care? 

And then I had a wonderful conversation with my roommates and we figured it out together. Well, as much as we could. We discussed our strangeness, why we like/dislike what we do, how our time is spent differently, and mostly we learned that trying to live a life towards simplicity had helped us live more for each other. (How sweet, I know.) 

So we will continue our weird lives with our cold house because we drink hot tea together, have inspiring conversations (while sitting under plenty of warm blankets), and find comfort in the things outside of things. 


With love, the Boston YAVs, 

thanks for reading, 








4 thoughts on “Living Simply?

  1. Taken as a whole these thoughts on the past four months are interesting and demonstrate the “living out’ of the YAV program mission. Lots of fun too

  2. I believe that living simply is the key to the future. I was once in a group that did a financial autobiogrphy, how much money we all had and how much we earned. Then we did a carbon foot-print analysis. They were almost identical. So if lving cheaply is because you earl little, then it is the same as living simjply. If you have lots of money in the bank and live cheaply, it is different. That money of yours is polluting the planet. Glad to read this.

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