Walk For Hunger

(Just an update on what I am up to in the coming weeks.)

So we all know that I am in Boston, MA.

We all know that it’s a great city with winters that are truly terrible (and apparently endless grumblesnowinAprilgrumble), it is home to all of the oldest things in America (university, houses, pubs, rocks etc), it has a particularly showy Fall (we get it leaves), its is full of some of the best people I have ever met (because Boston), and SPORTS (go Sox).

But, there are still people who are hungry. We haven’t solved food insecurity just yet. Though Project Bread is doing a pretty great job. They help fund tons of the food related organizations in Massachusetts, and I happen to work for a few. I couldn’t do my job very well if Project Bread didn’t exist.

On May 4th, it is the annual Walk for Hunger. It is a 20 mile walk about the city of Boston with 40,000+ people raising money for Project Bread. And this year I am walking too. If you want to support me, my team from my church (a group that has been doing this for only 30 years), or find out more about all this go here.

Other things I am up to:

Maundy Thursday Silent Meal with my church. (see previous post)

This Good Friday I am doing this walk.

Planting and seeding at Fenway Victory Gardens (oldest in ‘Murica), because they fabulously donate that produce to Women’s Lunch Place.

Attending a Revolutionary War re-enactment in Lexington MA (the Birthplace of American Liberty), on Patriots Day (April 21). And watching the Marathon.

Lots o’ stuff going on,

Thanks for reading,






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